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What if your employees were to make better use of your internal applications and software? This is the challenge that Lemon Learning helps you to meet by offering interactive guides directly integrated into the software of your choice (CRM, HRIS, ERP, internal tools). Specialists in digital training and leaders in software adoption, we are convinced that the best way to learn is by doing. Lemon Learning allows your employees to benefit from a step-by-step, personalized and continuously available support. What you gain: a reduction in support and a reduction in face-to-face training. We have been present this year we will be at stand n°  IT36: join us for a live demo of our solution!




Administrative Management Software: METRO x Lemon Learning Webinar


How to implement an efficient change management process during the implementation of a new administrative task management tool? How to get users on board when they don't want to change tools? 

In our next webinar, our client METRO will tell you their digital adoption success story! Or how he succeeded in helping users to get used to a new administrative task management solution, which replaced an old solution that had been in use for nearly 15 years!

Training, support, change management: we tell you all about it in this customer roundtable! 

On the program, you will discover how METRO has: 

- Accelerated the learning curve of its daily administrative tasks management software thanks to the interactive guides
- Reduced its training costs thanks to training integrated to its tool
- Gained time and efficiency in managing its training content
- Used training to reduce its support requests and costs 
- Made its internal teams and users actors of the digital transformation!

3 ways for your employees to really apply their software training


55% of employees feel they don't have the skills required today to master digital technologies (source: Randstad). And if you have software training in place, that's not what you want to read at all.

Here's the thing.

When it comes to training users on software, the subject is a bit tricky. Regardless of your application, there are many significant training issues at stake: 

- input errors on the software ;
- too many support requests;
- time-consuming creation and updating of documentation ;
- etc.

So to give you concrete solutions, we have decided to devote an entire webinar to software training (yes, yes, just for you). The principle?

1 webinar, 3 really effective training devices

ERP, HRIS, Digital Workplace, CRM, Purchasing IS... The devices we will present to you will be adaptable to any web application you have set up within your company. 

Use case: 3 concrete examples of successful international change management


Who hasn't dreamed of conquering the world? Well, we'll give you that: this webinar may not help you become the next Thomas Pesquet. However, it will talk about travel... internationally. And for good reason: Lemon Learning unveils the very first edition of its "Use Cases" series with a focus on international change management projects.