Schedule a meeting

Schedule a meeting

You want to optimize your visit time? Go straight to the point and schedule a meeting directly with the exhibitors beforehand. When you register online, you can schedule private 30-minute meetings directly on our platform.

The Swiss IT Forum(s) offers participants an exclusive and efficient system of business meetings. Via a matchmaking algorithm, the system proposes qualified connections between visitors and exhibitors. The algorithm presents (via scoring) the most relevant visitor profiles to the exhibitors according to their research and to the visitors the exhibitors likely to best meet their needs.

How does the system work?

1. Create a visitor account.
2. Access the list of exhibitors or let our system suggest relevant exhibitors according to your expectations and your research.
3. Request an appointment with an exhibitor that interests you. If the exhibitor accepts, the appointment is confirmed and a personalized agenda (online and in PDF) is generated.
4. On the day of the event, all you have to do is show up at the exhibitor's booth at the agreed time.

In the same way, exhibitors can also ask you to meet them at the event (provided that you have accepted to participate in the meetings when you registered). 

Exhibitors and participants organize meetings through a shared calendar system, where meetings are scheduled and meet directly on the stands.


>> The appointment system will be open from July




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