Sébastien CUQ (Directeur Commercial, Spark Archives - SPARK ARCHIVES)

Presentation in preparation...

Comment capter et assurer l’intégrité de vos documents stratégiques ?

09/20/2023 | 14h00 -> 14h40 | Room G
Co-hosted with: AmeXio

Through documentary governance tools, it is possible to ensure the probative value of documents and the security of its documentary flows.

With a ECM solution coupled with an Electronic Archiving System (SAE), good practices are available to you. Understanding the life cycle of a document is essential for its proper management. Archival rules allow you to frame the life of your documents. Know if it is relevant or not to archive them? When and how ? How to secure them?

AMEXIO and SPARK ARCHIVES implement certified and standardised solutions. ISO 14641, ISO 27034, ISO 27001, ISO 14721 (OAIS), ... so many certifications to keep a major promise: the security and durability of your strategic documents. Our experts will be speaking on these key subjects that ensure the successful development of organisations.