Jean -Yves KLEIN (Consultant & Coach Agile - .)

Aa a convinced agilist, Jean-Yves has set up Agile teams since 2008. He has supported different sectors: marketing, legal, electronics, IT on different Frameworks. His background as a developer has allowed him to implement effective DevOps strategies, with 10,000 tests per night per product.

On several transformations, he used Serious Games to increase the impact of the messages to be conveyed. He is president of OpenSeriousGame, certified PMP, DA Coach, SAFe, Scrum. Involved in several associations (CARA, PMI, The NEO, etc.), he is at the origin of PIAF, an online event on Agility (with french speaker).

He will have the pleasure of meeting with other experts for a round table, open and exciting around possible solutions for useful agility!

Agilité: un mal nécessaire pour développer ses propres solutions ?

09/21/2023 | 16h00 -> 16h50 | Room B

"Venez échangez avec nous sur vos difficultés et problématiques pour être agile, au quotidien. Des praticiens expérimentés vous partagent leur caisse à outils sur l’agilité, ses bonnes pratiques et ses écueils pour développer des produits utiles."