Vincent BERTIN (Animateur) (Expert en transformation digitale - vbch.ch)

Vincent Bertin accompanies you to digitise your activities, products and services offering. It involves analysing your organisation, leading the delivery of the solution, and managing the change for your stakeholders.

Enriched by 25 years of consulting experience, Vincent is a practitioner who has trained 2,000 individuals across Europe, the Americas, and China. He grounds his Swiss-Norman common sense in methods and certifications related to program and product management, business analysis, and agility.

He will be joining other experts for a roundtable, open and exciting, discussing potential solutions for practical agility and would be pleased to answer any queries you could have!

Agilité: un mal nécessaire pour développer ses propres solutions ?

09/21/2023 | 16h00 -> 16h50 | Room B

"Venez échangez avec nous sur vos difficultés et problématiques pour être agile, au quotidien. Des praticiens expérimentés vous partagent leur caisse à outils sur l’agilité, ses bonnes pratiques et ses écueils pour développer des produits utiles."