Hervé Schweitzer (CTO - DBI SERVICES)

For the past 12 years, I have guaranteed a high level of expertise in dbi services on the middleware stack. I have also been responsible - with my team - to identify and investigate new technologies even before our customers need them. This way, we are ready to help them when they need it.
 Since 2020, I have been in charge of an R&D project (YaK) that is now mature and ready to be commercialized.
 Besides, after 20 years of deep expertise and teaching about Oracle database technologies, I have been responsible for developing Cloud computing and DevOps technology for five years. This challenge is exciting because I can leverage my 20 years of experience to accelerate development using "infrastructure as code" technologies.

IaaS vs PaaS, that's the question...

09/20/2023 | 14h00 -> 14h40 | Room D

There are many parameters to consider in the selection of the right solution: performance, licensing, deployment, support and management... and of course the inevitable question of cost.

While there are no easy answers, this session will show you the key points to consider, using case studies and customer feedback.

We will show you how different the two solutions are for any particular cloud, and how making the wrong decision could be detrimental.

As a bonus, we'll show you a third way to try and combine the benefits of IaaS with the functionality of PaaS through automation.