Ivan Mariblanca Flinch (Directeur Général - CANOPÉ)

Ivan Mariblanca Flinch has long questioned the place of technology in our daily lives. Optimistic but realistic by nature, his aim is to change the culture and use of digital technology on a global scale.

At the start of 2020, he embarked on his Digital Responsibility project. He started his Canopé project, where other people soon joined him in his vision of reducing the environmental footprint of technology. In just a few years, Canopé became the Swiss benchmark for Green IT and began to expand internationally.

Today, Ivan is one of 30 European experts recognised by the European Institute for Digital Responsibility. He is co-responsible for the scientific committeé of the Swiss Institute for Sustainable IT and is co-author of the report "Numérique responsable en entreprise: où en est la Suisse?".

Canopé currently supports large companies, SMEs and public administrations in their Green IT initiatives and certifications. In 2022, Canopé is taking the big step of offering a web platform, CircularIT, to automate the measurement and reduction of IT's environmental footprint, as well as raising employees' awareness of digital pollution and related good practices in a fun way. The platform is already available in 5 languages and is present in several countries.

CircularIT - the tool for measuring and managing your digital footprint and your Green IT strategy

09/21/2023 | 14h00 -> 14h20 | Room A

CircularIT, the platform to decarbonize your IT

CircularIT is the all-in-one web platform for measuring and reducing the environmental footprint and cost of your information system. It aligns your digital and environmental objectives. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

  1. Measure the footprint and cost of your IT at any time. Pilot the environmental and economic impact of your information system as your IT inventory evolves.
  2. Reduce the impact and budget of your IT strategy. Apply over 100 SMART practices to your IT strategy. Optimise your IT assets and reduce your IT footprint and expenditure.
  3. Raise your employees' awareness with an educational and, why not say it, competitive approach! Unite them around Green IT and create a strong, committed community.
  4. Easily prepare for the European Green IT label. Measuring and reducing the IT footprint are at the heart of the Green IT label. CircularIT simplifies these two steps to facilitate your labelling.


Our leitmotiv: rigour and security

Our database for measuring the environmental footprint contains more than 6,000 items of data and comes from many recognised sources. Our calculation methodology is based on the GHG Protocol standard. The entire life cycle of the equipment and its impact is presented using 4 environmental indicators.
Our entire platform and data are stored in Switzerland. This guarantees their security and privacy while limiting their environmental footprint.